Saturday, 10 March 2007

Northen Ireland elections

After serving in Northern Ireland on three occasions and on the last time actually living in Belfast with my family, I take a great interest in the political situation 'across the water'.
This week has seen elections that will hopefully lead to Stormont taking control of Northern Ireland again. I think Tony Blair and Peter Hain should be congratulated for their determination to find a political solution to the problems in Northern Ireland.
It is a mark of how far along the road to peace Ireland has come in that this election was almost like an election here in the UK and that is probably the first time that has happened for over 40 years.
I believe that we could have reached this point many years earlier if the main stream parties from over here had organised and got themselves involved in politics in Ireland. it could have helped stopped the voting by religion and replaced it with people voting on principles and real policies.
For those interested in politics in Northern Ireland I would recommend this blog: Your friend in the north blog and for a review of the election this post.

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Anonymous said...

Do you honestly believe that Northern Ireland is a victory for The Labour Party when all they have done is given in to the IRA!! They have deserted the people who live there and are loyal to the Crown! Do not tell me that the IRA are still not in control or that beatings and knee cappings do not still happen as we all know different! This Assembly will go the way of all the others and fail because the idots who were in charge when we were there as soldiers are still in charge! So what is or what could be different!