Sunday 30 March 2008

Campaign starts (not that we have ever stopped campaigning since last May!)

The campaign for the May 1st Ipswich Borough Council elections, started on Friday when we had a mass campaign in Alexandra Ward. This was followed by an excellent pre election party last night.

Bu to be honest, we have not stopped campaigning for about the last 3 years, out most Saturdays somewhere in the town and delivering leaflets by the thousands to try and make the Ipswich public aware of the cuts in council services that the Tories seem hell bent on.

Though we do campaign all year long- unlike the other two parties! We will increase our campaigning over the next four weeks, I will be working all over the town but will be putting an enormous effort into winning Rushmere Ward. I hate the way the Tories now seem to take it for granted that it is their seat and that attitude means that no one in Rushmere will ever see a Councillor and little has been done to improve the lot of our residents.

So I going to give it my all, even if it just makes the Tories (forget about the invisible Lib Dems)come out and campaign- and if by chance a Tory comes to your door, ask them how their fellow Tories on the County have had the neck to vote for the appointment of a new Chief executive at £220,000 per year and to top it they then go and vote for a Unitary Suffolk- an option that is not even on the table!

Well if any Tories are reading this, you better get out and campaign in Rushmere as I am going to do my best to get someone who lives in the ward and cares about the ward elected.

A cross for Ross for Rushmere!

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